The Ganga Institute of Education Kablana is a graduate college proposing course of B.Ed.  Programme and proposed to be recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education. It is being established to deliver high quality training for teachers. The Institute is being run under the aegis of Pawan Ganga Educational Society, New Delhi 110026 that is in the field of education since the last two decades and running many senior secondary schools in Kablana. "All those who have meditated on the art of governing mankind  have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the  education of youth." - Aristotle Education cannot be confined to schools, colleges and  universities.t is a life-long process. What we know and do and  need to know and do, cannot all be taught by any school. But the school performs a very big service. It equips the learner with  basic tools of learning and provides him with the fundamentals of knowledge so that the learner reaches a stage where he is  capable of learning on his own. In this sense, the teacher ceases to be a mere giver of knowledge and turns a facilitator. The school transforms itself from a place of learning the three R's to a centre of human resource development where, in addition to normal routine transaction of curriculum, the innate talents and abilities of the learners are unearthed, developed and brought to fruition. Contact Us  AFFIDAVITS Kablana, Bahadurgarh Jhajjar Road, Distt. Jhajjar, Haryana, NCR, Delhi-India    01251-239485,09416200134,  08684000916 
India’s premier teaching school for imparting quality training  02 Sep CIMP signed and MoU with UNICEF for Social - Economics Developmet in Bihar. 14 Sep “CIMP deserves status of full fledged IIM” Says...Dr. S.C.Jha 21 Sep International workshop on “development Managaement with special reference to Bihar” organised at CIMP. Announcements Alumni About Ganga Group Contact Us Transport